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Will Nixon




      "To announce that there    must be no criticism of the    President, or that we are to    stand by the President,    right or wrong, is not only    unpatriotic and servile, but is    morally treasonable to the    American public."
            Theodore Roosevelt


 ESSAYS by Will Nixon

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"- describes the March 22nd, 2003 anti-war march in NYC. It ran in the May 5,2003, In These Times.

        "Better Than Speed" - describes how Will came to buy a hybrid car, which on its best days gets over 60 mpg. This  version ran in a local book  anthology, Out of Our Minds: A Collection of Works by  Writers in the Mountains. A shorter version ran in Mother Earth News, October/November, 2003.

     "Walt Whitman...," describes Will's discovery of Walt Whitman, an American visionary. It ran in The Country and  Abroad in October,2003.

      "Searching for My Bumper Sticker", is an homage to bumper stickers, including the "Welcome to Woodstock...."  series. It  ran in Chronogram, December, 2003.

       Saving Overlook Mtn. -Letters-to-the-Editor: Woodstock Times.
Woodstock, NY March 28, 2004

ESSAYS by Judy Schultz

"An Activist Organizer"- tells of the anti-CVS picketing effort in Woodstock, and how Judy attempted to rally the "troops" in the fall of 2002. She soon realized that her enthusiasm for the cause had a limited effect, and on only a few well-meaning supporters. Previously unpublished.

"Collapsing on the Picket Line" describes a typical picketing day in front of CVS in Woodstock in late autumn 2002, enlivened by Judy's collapse owing to chest pains, and her subsequent difficulty obtaining aspirin from Cumberland Farms (you don't think she'd go into CVS, do you?). Previously

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