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The Woodstock Progressives promote the democratic principles of liberty, justice, equality, and community at the local, national, and global levels. These principles place human values ahead of corporate demands.

By sponsoring public events and informal gatherings, the Woodstock Progressives bring together concerned citizens to discuss ideas, advocate policies, and participate in electoral politics in support of progressive values, programs, office-holders, and candidates. The goal of the Woodstock Progressives is to help citizens have a greater impact on town affairs as a way of advancing changes in the larger society.

The Woodstock Progressives are not affiliated with any political party. All are welcome to participate.


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What Are Progressive Values?

We support
Social and economic justice for all groups within society
Maintaining a watchful eye against the erosion of democracy
Every citizen's right to free speech and assembly; trial by jury, effective counsel
and due process of law
A foreign and military agenda that works cooperatively with our global allies
Equitable wages and working conditions and environmental sustainability
on a global level

We oppose
Militarism and pre-emptive military action
The concentration of power in corporate hands
The belief that corporations should have the same rights as individual citizens
Control of the major media by fewer and fewer corporate owners
The increasing control of government and political leaders by corporations and the concomitant disenfranchisement of the citizenry

We believe that everyone has the right to
Vote and to have every vote count
Work for a living wage, with health care and pension benefits
Protection from unwarranted invasion or surveillance and unreasonable search
and seizure
Equal opportunity irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion, age, physical ability,
or sexual orientation
Security in retirement, including a Social Security system that provides an
inflation-proof base
Affordable and comprehensive health care
A high quality education at any age, with income posing no hurdle to advancement
Complete reproductive privacy

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