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One Critic’s Journal of Fact & Opinion
“Telling the Truth in a Culture of Lies /
Exposing Boobus Americanus”

ISSUE #383 OCT. 2009
by Mark S. Tucker
“Have pen, will poison.”
progdawg@hotmail. com


Corporate Health is a Disease
by Mark S. Tucker

On 4/25/09, Russell Mokhiber published "The Profiteers of Suffering: The Top 10 Enemies of Single-Payer" regarding the sickening American Murder Association (AMA). I'd like to address and expand on points of his work.

First of all, anyone who commences an essay with "Most people, when they arrive in Washington, D.C., see it for what it is - a cesspool of corruption" has already penned a winning screed as far as I'm concerned. Then, to follow it by noting (instead of running away screaming or whipping out an Uzi and unloading clip after clip) that many themselves become corrupted and "[i]nstead of seeing a cesspool, they begin seeing a hot tub", well, such an individual also knows how to turn a phrase. In fact, Mokhiber has barely begun his exposure when he opines that "[t]he result [is] profits and wealth for the corporate elite - death, disease and destruction for the American people". Boom! The trifecta. Bravo! You won't see anything that incisive in the sack of shit OpEdNews forum.

Mokhiber is loaded for bear and sees more than one ursine immediately:

"Outside the beltway cesspool/hot tub, the majority of doctors, nurses, small businesses, health economists, and the majority of the American people...want a Canadian-style, single payer, everybody in, nobody out, free choice of doctor and hospital, national health insurance system. Inside the beltway cesspool/hot tub, the corrupt elite will have none of it. They won’t even put single payer on the table for discussion.. .And the will of the American people will not be done until this criminal elite is confronted and defeated. Remember, virtually the entire industrialized world - save for us, the U.S. - makes it a crime to allow for-profit health insurance corporations to make money selling basic health insurance. Before we confront and defeat the inside the beltway cesspool/hot tub crowd, we must first know who they are."

...and so he lists a number of uber-capitalist, anti-human, soulless corporations as major culprits, such as:

1) American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) - which has "worked inside the beltway for years to defeat single payer" because it "makes about a quarter of its money selling insurance through its affiliate, United Healthcare Group, the nation’s largest for-profit insurance company". Single payer would "wipe out that revenue stream". What he didn't note, though, is the fact that AARP is a conservative mulcting device, an unnecessary corporate organ dedicated to defending the interests of... oops!, the richest sector of the American public: the retired. Funny how coincidental that is, isn't it?

2) American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) - "AHIP is the most aggressive opponent to single payer. No compromise with AHIP," says Mokhiber, a death sentence. I like this guy more with each passing sentence.

3) American Medical Association (AMA) - a corporation that, when I was studying it in the 80s, hadn't a single doctor on its board. Rather, it was a speculator/investor organ doctors weren't allowed to join. Don't know if that's still the case, but this thug cabal now boasts a constantly "shrinking base of doctors (only 25 percent of doctors nationwide belong)". This is particularly noteworthy, though the writer left it alone. If only 1/4 of all doctors subscribe to AMA doctrine (and usurious fees), what of the other 3/4s? And, I'm curious, what are the subscribees paying for? More, why should anyone give a damn about the AMA if three-quarters of the people it represents silently condemn it? Answer - it's a Bernaysian PR device obscuring it's own true role: the facilitation of the hideous practices and toxic pharmaceuticals it encourages. An example? A few years ago, the news briefly broke that, from its very inception, the practice of administering hysterectomies was completely unnecessary in 99.999% of its utilizations, and the surgeons were fully aware of the fact yet inflicted the costly practice anyway...the, um, costly practice. And that's only one of thousands of incidents that have been recorded. In point of fact, the AMA has been the second greatest death and misery machine in human history, war acing it by a nose.

Did I include "death" with "misery"? Oh indeed. I like this Mokhiber guy but he again completely fails to note a record that would be the envy of Torquemada, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Eichmann, Bush, Cheney, Kissinger, and every cold-blooded murderer in world history. Under what it euphemistically calls 'iatrogenesis' , it has silently admitted, via JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association), to murdering - er, make that 'manslaughtering' or whatever the legal exculpation semantics would be - tens of millions of people. When I was studying it, the number was approaching 20 million; I'm confident it's well past that, probably 35 mil. The lion's share of the fatalities arose because of the use of anaesthetics and the incredible bumbling and skimping of testing procedures (to save money! profit at all costs!), resulting in Stygian overdoses, abreactions, etc.

So, we certainly should be listening to them, shouldn't we? Sure we should. It's in line with government. After all, the last president slaughtered well over a million Iraqis and Americans, the new president is promising the same there, in Afghanistan, and elsewhere, so who the hell are we, the public, to kick against tradition? Oh, and speaking of presidents:

3) Barack Obama - who "was for [single payer] when he was a state Senator in Illinois" and now finds himself profitably "ensconced in the corporate prison that is the White House; thus, he now 'says single payer is off the table' ". Off the table? Who's Big B's speechwriter? Nancy Pelosi?

4) Business Roundtable - Mokhiber was "at a health care forum a couple of years ago sponsored by the Business Roundtable". A poll of the attendees was made, and "Dr. David Himmelstein, co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)" showed that "the majority came out in favor of single payer", yet the Business Roundtable opposed it as a board. Cognitive dissonance?

5) Families USA - chief exec Ron Pollack "was once an advocate for single payer" but found corporate profit and payola very attractive and succumbed to it. In fact, a ways back, in a private debate in front of a certain governor, Pollack debated Ted Marmor on the single payer concept (Pollack against, Marmor for). The governor (hang on - I'll reveal his name momentarily) listened intently. When the talk was done, he took Marmor aside and said "Ted, you win the argument...but we’re going to do what [Pollack] says". The governor's name? Bill Clinton, the guy who sigend NAFTA and GATT, the latter being the greatest single act of treason in American history, though you'll have to wait for long after we're all dead for it to be recognized as such. Ah, those Democrats, they're such a change from Republicans, aren't they?

6) Health Care for American Now - this cage of reptiles says "[W]e can’t do single payer because Americans don’t want it,” even though "polling data indicates that two-thirds of Americans support a single payer system".

7) Kaiser Family Foundation - like the Progressive Democrats ('member them? after a hideous record of complete ineffectuality, they've gone rather silent, haven't they?), Kaiser is said to be "[o]ne of the most prestigious liberal inside the beltway think tanks on health reform policy", yet they are "the most culpable of the co-conspirators ...suffering from a conspiracy of silence". Hell, that's positively John Conyers-esque! Huzzah! Ironically, "Conyers’ single payer bill (HR 676) could create 2.6 million new jobs and would cost far less than...private insurance" yet “the Kaiser Family Foundation’s daily online report on health care developments at didn’t mention it” at all. In turn, Conyers, rather than shame fellow faux "liberals", remained silent on Kaiser and many other particulars. Good ol' Johnnyboy! Hey, isn't he buddies with the ironically surnamed fellow Dem David Obey? Yep, he is.

8) The Lewin Group - asserts itself to be dedicated to "health reform studies" yet is silently "owned by UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurance corporation" . Lewin Group's studies "consistently show that single payer is the most efficient cost saving system" but Conyers' HR 676 would put its dad, UnitedHealth Group, out of business and, thus, John and the ProgDems ignore the issue to death.

9) Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association of America (PHRMA) - of course represents the grotesque pharmaceuticals industry and has infiltrated so-called "liberal" groups like America’s Agenda - Health Care for All to ensure a corporate-positive profile. "PHRMA’s Vice President for Government Affairs and Law, Jan Faiks, now sits on the board of America’s Agenda" and, huh!, well look at this: "PHRMA contributes money to the group" in great big heaping piles reminiscent of the Pentagon/Iraq scandals.

Reversing Walt Kelley and Pogo, Mokhiber says that "[w]e have met the enemy. And they ain’t us".

Damn straight.


http://www.precauti 08/prn_measure_ t_under_attack. 080828.htm



Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County (Calif.), August 28, 2008

In 2006, the citizens of Humboldt County, California passed a ballot initiative (known as "Measure T") -- making it illegal for corporations headquartered outside Humboldt County to contribue funds to election campaigns within Humboldt County. Now Measure T is under attack.

Measure T is a direct challenge to corporate power; it sends the message that humans are on control of Humboldt County and that pieces of paper called "corporations" are subsidiary entities, subject to the will of the people. Measure T is also an indirect challenge to "corporate personhood" -- the legal theory that corporations are protected by the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution) just the same as living, breathing humans are protected.

Now two corporations and a right-wing think-tank have challenged Humboldt County's "Measure T" law in federal court.

You can find current information about this court challenge at

Measure T was proposed by the Humboldt Coalition for Community Rights after citizens in the county were forced to contend with two costly campaigns mounted by large outside corporations:
** The first was an attempt by Wal-Mart to pass a re-zoning ordinance;
** The second an attempted recall of the newly elected district attorney sponsored by the Texas-based Maxxam Corporation.

By preventing large corporations from underwriting such campaigns, Measure T helped shore up the integrity of Humboldt County elections, protecting the right of Humboldt's citizens to democratically determine their laws and their elected officials.

The suit against Measure T has been filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation, a non-profit, anti-government legal organization that works to promote property rights and the rights of big businesses. It is brought on behalf of Mercer-Fraser, Co., a construction company, and O & M Industries, a steel fabricator and manufacturer of heating systems.

Both Democracy Unlimited and the Humboldt Coalition for Community Rights understood that such a legal challenge could occur when they worked on the Measure T campaign, and they are working together to develop a plan of action. Constitutional law expert John Bonifaz, who pledged during the campaign to serve pro bono as special legal counsel to Humboldt's county counsel, has already confirmed his ability to do so.

Democracy Unlimited sent out this statement August 28:

"The people of Humboldt County have the right and duty to protect our electoral process. Voters enacted Measure T based on a legitimate concern that corporate influence in elections is undermining the integrity of our elections. It is our community's right to protect itself from threats to our democracy. The idea that a corporation' s so called "rights" are more important than those of our community is unjust and illegitimate.

"Measure T ensures that owners of corporations will operate as individuals in the political process, just like every other citizen, rather than gaining undue influence through their corporations.

"We are not surprised by this action, but we are certainly disappointed that these companies have so little regard for the will of the people of Humboldt County."

Individuals can make a donation to help defend Measure T in federal court:

Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County educates citizens about the illegitimate seizure of our authority to govern ourselves. We design and implement grassroots strategies which exercise democratic power over corporations and governments. We seek to create a truly democratic society by provoking a non-violent popular uprising against corporate rule in Humboldt County that can serve as a model for other communities across the United States.

Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County PO Box 610 Eureka, CA 95502 Tel. (707) 269-0984 http://DUHC. Org

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society.

Jeff Cohen
Are Liberal Netroots Groups Helping Obama Fail?
I've started deleting them as spam.

I'm not talking about the enlarge-your-penis emails or "You've Won the Lottery" notices.

I'm talking about the increasingly-urgent emails coming for weeks from liberal Netroots groups calling for a "public option" for health care -- a government insurance plan citizens could choose to pay for instead of private insurance.

Never has so much passion been so misdirected. If what these liberal groups ultimately wanted out of President Obama and corporate-funded Democrats in Congress was a topnotch public plan to compete with the first-rate private plans, the wrong way to get it was to make that the demand.

Especially of a president whose instinct is toward conciliation and splitting the difference with big business and the right wing.

Sure, Obama was a community organizer once. That was decades ago when Russia was still our mortal enemy, Nelson Mandela was still an official State Department terrorist threat and the White House was still funding Islamist fanatics in Afghanistan.

For the last dozen years Obama has been a politician -- and a consummate compromiser at that. Have we failed to notice?

Activists must recognize the surest way to get a strong public option that could compete with the Cadillac of health plans. We needed to mobilize millions of Netroots people, almost every union and 150 members of Congress to endorse a maximum demand: National health insurance . . . enhanced Medicare for All. In other words, a cost-effective single-payer system of publicly-financed, privately-delivered healthcare that ends private health insurance (and its waste, bureaucracy, ads, sales commissions, lavish executive salaries, profiteering).

Had liberal groups sent out millions of emails building a movement that posed an existential threat to the health insurance industry, Sen. Baucus and Blue Dog Democrats and their corporate healthcare patrons might well be on their knees begging for a comprehensive public option -- to avert the threat of full-blown Medicare for All.

As things stand now, as writers like Bob Kuttner and Norman Solomon have warned, a weak public option would institutionalize a two-tiered system with healthier, wealthier citizens getting the best (private) plans, and sicker, harder-to-treat people getting an inferior (public) plan. Newt Gingrich couldn't dream up a better scenario to discredit an enhanced government role in health care.

To win serous reforms, we need activist leaders who are tough-minded progressives making maximum demands for reforms that truly address our nation's problems. Leave the inside-the-Beltway deal-making to the politicians, properly frightened and moved by the roar of mass movements.

We need activist leaders who have a clearer idea of who Obama is. He's not one of us. He's one of them -- a politician bent on placating corporate interests. We knew all we needed to know about his current worldview from all the corporatists he put in top jobs.

And from the fact that he felt the need -- six weeks into his administration, after the middle-class bailed out Wall Street -- to call up the New York Times and assure the world that his policies were not socialist but were "entirely consistent with free market principles." At a time the corporate greedsters and free-market ideologues had been exposed as having threatened the economic well-being of the world, they weren't the ones on the defensive. They weren't doing the apologizing. Obama was on the defensive; he was apologizing to them!

When Democratic leaders start borrowing right wing rhetoric, we know our activism has not been strong or progressive enough. At the AARP townhall Tuesday, Obama described a public option as "controversial, I understand people are worried about that." He went on to assure his audience that "nobody is talking about . . . government-run health care" or "a Canadian-style plan." At one point, he further assured seniors that no "bureaucratic law in Washington" would interfere in their healthcare decisions -- seeming to adopt the faux-populism of anti-government rightists. Yet he seems incapable of anti-corporate populism, even with despised industries like Wall Street and health insurance.

I have huge respect for the smart young activists who built up the Netroots, unleashing all sorts of progressive possibilities for our country. But I'm bothered by their often ineffectual, Beltway-originated, halfway demands.

I became active during the Vietnam War. We might still have troops in Vietnam if - instead of militantly demanding "All Troops Home Now" -- we'd organized behind polite Beltway initiatives like: "Let's begin negotiations" or "Let's set a timeline for phased withdrawal."

I fear that Netroots leaders are doing the same dance with Obama today that they did with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in 2007-08. Instead of demanding that Democrats in Congress bring our troops home from Iraq by using the power of the purse to defund the war, Netroots leaders rallied behind weak, non-binding timelines and other halfway measures cooked up with Congressional leaders.

Without a loud, clear demand for "troops home" from the large online antiwar forces, Democratic leaders started retreating and succumbing to Republican rhetoric. Reid proclaimed: "We will never abandon our troops in a time of war." Pelosi declared: "We will have legislation to fund the troops!"

And the corpses kept piling up.

Great social reforms have occurred in our country not when social movements took their lead from what the White House deemed possible, but when the White House was pushed by powerful movements demanding reforms bolder than what the president was comfortable with. Leading abolitionists pushed Lincoln toward ending slavery by demanding immediate abolition. Socialist and workers movements in the '30s sufficiently scared elites so that FDR could pass New Deal reforms far short of socialism. Martin Luther King and civil rights activists continuously pushed and prodded JFK and later LBJ.

And these movements didn't have the Internet.

In 1993, a National Health Insurance bill gained 100 co-sponsors in the Democrat-led House, plus endorsements from many unions, even Consumers Union. There was unfortunately no Internet then when the Clinton White House undermined this growing movement by pushing an incredibly complex plan that left big insurers dominating the system. Clinton's plan inspired few and confused many. After it went down in flames, talk radio host Jim Hightower asked President Clinton why he didn't back an easily-explained Medicare for All approach that had so much support in Congress. Clinton said he'd thought it was politically too difficult but now wondered about that judgment.

Here we are 16 years later. Neglected by Netroots groups, John Conyers today has 85 House co-sponsors for HR 676, the Expanded Medicare for All Act, as well as the endorsement of many unions and Obama's longtime personal physician. If all those emails I've received lately had been about building the HR 676 movement and a public system instead of a "public option," the bill would have many more co-sponsors and could be pressuring Democrats to stand tough today.

For Obama to feel secure about reform and standing up to the right, he needs to feel that he's in the center pushed by noisy forces to his left. He's admitted as much. The way to help him succeed is to mobilize seriously to his left.

The way to help Obama fail is for Netroots and liberal groups to collapse toward him from the get-go.

And if Obama does fail, we can quit laughing at a Republican Party in disarray due to Bush, religious extremism, hypocrisy and anti-intellectualism.

Because in this period of crisis and fear, unless a progressively-prodded White House delivers reforms that actually improve lives soon, right wing reaction could rebound more dangerous than ever in 2010 and/or 2012.

* *
Jeff Cohen is an associate professor of journalism at Ithaca College, founder of the media watch group FAIR, and former board member of Progressive Democrats of America .


Forecasting Your Weather
The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), will provide to anyone that requests the list, a copy of experimental weather modification programs ongoing (as well as historical), in the United States. This list is not complete due to the fact that many experimental weather modification programs are “classified top secret” by the U.S. military. These experimental programs are unregulated and are not subject to oversight by anyone. In addition, the public.......
by Rosalind Peterson


Why Can't You Use Your Cell Phone on a Plane? (NOT EVEN ON 911)
Do cell phones really interfere with airline communications or is something else going on?

From Philip;
60 Minutes' Cut Ahmadinejad's Statement,

'Solution Is Democracy' in Israel/Palestine (2 years ago)
Mondoweiss: Report: '60 Minutes' Cut Ahmadinejad's Statement, 'Solution Is Democracy' in Israel/Palestine

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: I think that the Israeli government is a fabricated government and I have talked about the solution. The solution is democracy. We have said allow Palestinian people to participate in a free and fair referendum to express their views. What we are saying only serves the cause of durable peace. We want durable peace in that part of the world. A durable peace will only come about with once the views of the people are met.


The night I got arrested
By Shela Regan , Twin Cities Daily Planet

60,000 Letters Delivered to St. Paul Mayor: release arrested journalists, drop all charges


From Lydia Howell;

Dissident Voice : The Perishing Republicans, Twin City Cops, and the RNC 8

Interview Sarah? “Not In The Campaign’s Interest” | The LA Progressive

Amy Goodman: Why We Were Falsely Arrested | Rights and Liberties | AlterNet

Dissident Voice : Lockdown in St. Paul

NOTE: 9/7 Update: By the end of the RNC, more than 800 non-violent protesters were arrested--most released without charges--AFTER THEIR NAMES, FINGERPRINTS AND PICTURES were added to the watchlists..

For updates and to support on the political prisoners the RNC 8,facing felony conspiracy charges and
over 7 years in prison, go to their website:
Lydia Howell, KFAI Radoi, Minneapolis,MN


From Free Press

On Friday, we delivered your letter to St. Paul authorities, telling them that we won't stand for the intimidation and harassment of journalists.

With many of the arrested journalists at our side we delivered more than 60,000 letters (collected in less than 48 hours) demanding that St. Paul authorities drop charges against all journalists arrested during last week’s Republican National Convention.

The charges have not been dropped yet, but we are going to keep the pressure on until they are. If you have not already, please send this email to your friends and ask them to help join our call.

In the meantime, here are videos of the event filmed by the citizen journalists at

* Watch the press conference at City Hall
* Watch the delivery of your letter to City Attorney John Choi
* Watch Local TV Coverage of Our Event

"From the pre-convention raids to the ongoing harassment and arrests of journalists, these have been dark days for press freedom in the United States," said Nancy Doyle Brown of the Twin Cities Media Alliance, before she helped to deliver the Free Press letters.

"Tragically, there are stories that the world needed to hear this week that will never be told," Brown said. "They won't be told because reporters working on them were sitting in the back of squad cars, were stripped of their cameras, or were face down on the pavement with their hands cuffed behind their backs."---


How PBS and Chevron got together to kill the alternative fuel movement


From Irene P;

TPMCafe | Talking Points Memo | James Carville Hasn't Changed; He Was A Spy for Bush in 2004

Weird Theology in Wasilla: A Look Inside Sarah Palin's Pentecostal Church | Rights and Liberties | AlterNet


Back to school, tear gas and rubber-coated bullets - The Irish Times - Mon, Sep 08, 2008

By Rady Ananda
AZ Election Official Arrested For Flagging Tampered Ballots: Charged With Criminal Trespass

During Saturday's audit of Pima County ballots from Arizona's primary election, official observer John Brakey was forcibly removed by sheriffs when he raised questions about possible ballot tampering. At least seven ballot bags arrived unlocked or lacked proper chain of custody documentation. Elections Director Brad Nelson had Brakey arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

By Rob Kall
Is McCain Campaign Interfering In Alaska Troopergate Investigation Of Palin?
It looks like supporters of John McCain are taking aggressive actions to kill an investigation of his running mate Sarah Palin, to prevent an October Surprise-- adverse findings that would cast a negative light on her character and leadership

By Mary MacElveen
Protester Who Interrupted McCain's Speech Is An Iraq War Veteran
Little did they know or John McCain know that this protester actually served over in Iraq and according to Iraq Veterans Against the War, his name is, Adam Kokesh who is an IVAW board member. He held up a sign stating, "McCain Votes Against Vets." Surge nothing, this patriotic American actually put on the uniform, served his country deserved some respect coming from McCain and those Republicans gathered at the convention.

By David Swanson
Why We're Planning To Prosecute Cheney And Bush
Next weekend in Andover, Mass., a group of attorneys, academics, and activists will gather to plan the prosecution of Dick Cheney, George Bush, and the lawyers and advisors who, together with them, are responsible for war crimes. The conference is open to the public and expected to be well attended:


MSNBC Demotes Keith Olbermann
David Bauder, The Associated Press: "MSNBC said Sunday it is replacing Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as co-anchors of political night coverage with David Gregory, and will use the two newsmen as commentators. The change reflects tensions between the freewheeling, opinionated MSNBC and the impartial newsgatherers at NBC News. Throughout the primaries and summer, MSNBC argued that Olbermann and Matthews could serve as dispassionate anchors on political news nights and that viewers would accept them in that role, but things fell apart during the conventions. Gregory, the veteran Washington hand, will anchor MSNBC's coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates and election night, said Jeremy Gaines, network spokesman."

Evidence Contradicts US Denials in Afghan Airstrike
Carlotta Gall, The New York Times: "To the villagers here, there is no doubt what happened in an American airstrike on Aug. 22: more than 90 civilians, the majority of them women and children, were killed. The Afghan government, human rights and intelligence officials, independent witnesses and a United Nations investigation back up their account, pointing to dozens of freshly dug graves, lists of the dead, and cellphone videos and other images showing bodies of women and children laid out in the village mosque."

US Attack Kills Several in Pakistan
Jane Perlez and Pir Zubair Shah, The New York Times: "Five missiles fired from an American pilotless drone aircraft Monday hit a large compound in North Waziristan belonging to one of Pakistan’s most prominent Taliban leaders, a Pakistani intelligence official and a local resident said. The missile attack at about 10:20 Monday morning killed nine people, including two children, and injured up to 18, according to the account from the intelligence official. A spokesman for the Pakistani army, Maj. Murad Khan, said the military knew of explosions near the compound, and was investigating further."

Paul Krugman | The Power of De
Paul Krugman, The New York Times: "Save the home lenders, save the world? If only it were that simple. The just-announced federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the giant mortgage lenders, was certainly the right thing to do - and it was done fairly well, too. The plan will sustain institutions that play a crucial role in the economy, while holding down taxpayer costs by more or less cleaning out the stockholders. But Sunday's action needs to be seen in a larger context - that of the attempt by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department to contain the fallout from the ongoing financial crisis. And that's a fight the feds seem to be losing."

By Len Hart
High Treason: 'Pentagon Lied To The 911 Commission' ; Bush's Theory Falls Apart
The many holes in Bush's official conspiracy theory of 911 threaten to catch up with him. Much official data refutes the Bush cover story while critical evidence that would prove Bush correct is missing. Bush put forward a 'theory' for which there is not a shred of verifiable evidence in support.

By Steven Leser
McCain Attacked 18 Year Old Chelsea Clinton In 1998 Now Says Palin's Family & Kids Are Off Limits
McCain's stated beliefs and positions are rife with reversals, flip flops, and doing and saying anything just to get elected.



It is 100 executive orders telling the story in Iraq and the intentions of the current administration here at home.

Synopis below...

What if the Bush Administration’s own documents detailing its true aims and activities in Iraq were as close as a Google search away?

Coalition Provisional Authority 100 Orders” (C.P.A.)

If you could read the first 100 Orders of the C.P.A. occupation government signed into law by the Bush Administration during the first 13 months after taking control of Iraq, wouldn’t they tell you something important about what the true aims of the Administration are? Wouldn’t you want to read them and publish the story that they tell?

These 100 Orders are available to the public. In a nutshell, here’s the story they tell:

The U.S. re-wrote Iraq’s laws to benefit U.S. business by opening their economy and oil fields to U.S. corporate ownership and control.

This story answers three, persisting questions:

Given its knowledge of Iraq’s lack of WMD’s and ties to Al Qaida, what did the Bush Administration hope to gain from invading Iraq in the first place?
Why did Iraqis shift – so suddenly and so soon – from welcoming U.S. forces as liberators to resisting U.S. forces as despised conquerors?
Why does the Bush Administration insist on staying in Iraq, despite overwhelming evidence that it can’t succeed in its stated aims?

A summary of the 100 orders help answer these questions.
“ The Smoking Gun”

Order # 39 (9/19/03): “Foreign Investment” ( Foreign Ownership of Iraq’s Economy)
Allows for the privatization of Iraq’s 192 government owned industries
Ø Water, electricity, schools, hospitals, factories, airlines, newspapers,
television stations, food, housing programs.
Allows for 100% foreign ownership of Iraqi businesses.
Allows for unrestricted tax-free repatriation of profits.

Order # 40, (9/19/03): “Bank Law” (From Chase Manhattan to Chase Baghdad)

· Opens the Iraqi banking sector to 50% foreign ownership.
· Expanded by Order # 94 one year later to allow for 100% foreign ownership.
· Chase Bank, the 2nd largest bank in the United States received an early contract to run the Trade Bank of Iraq, a consortium of 13 banks.
Ø Condoleeza Rice is a former board member of Chase.

Order # 57, (2/5/04): “Iraqi Inspectors General” (Stacking the Deck)
Places American representatives in key decision-making positions within each government ministry for terms that last five years.
Ø There are -26- ministries, each with an Inspector General-handpicked by Bremer.
ü From the Ministry of Oil to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Justice.
The Inspector Generals can promulgate policies and procedures, and have full access to all offices, employees, contracts, and all other materials of the Ministries.

The Iraq Petroleum Law (I.P.L.) CPA-appointee Iraq interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi introduced IPL guidelines (August 2004): (the 100 orders and the Bush admin.’s co-authored Iraq constitution provide the loophole for the IPL to move forward)

Provides for U.S. control of 64% of Iraq’s 80 known oil fields, and 81% if predicted oil reserves are found.
Iraq’s petroleum law is set for implementation in 2006.
Officials in the Iraqi Oil Ministry reportedly plan to begin signing long-term contracts with foreign oil companies during the first nine months of 2006.
July 2006, U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman announces in Baghdad that U.S. oil executives would not enter Iraq without new oil law.
The Petroleum Economist reports that U.S. oil corporations say the lack of such a law guaranteeing their ownership of Iraqi oil – and not security – is what prevents them from ‘investing’ in Iraqi reconstruction.
12/6/06 – Texas oilman James Baker’s Iraq Study Group insists that passing Iraq Petroleum Law is an essential step in “new strategy” in Iraq.
Ø Recommendation 26: Urgent pursuit of Constitutional Review to clear way for acceptance of Iraq Petroleum Law
Ø Recommendation 28: All control of Iraqi oil to be kept by Central Government (this is critical to enforcing the rest of the oil law).
Ø Recommendation 62:
U.S. to “help” Central Government write new oil law
Iraqi national oil industry to be privatized for full foreign commercial investment.
December 8, 2006 – Iraqi government announces they are near a deal on Iraqi oil ownership (NY Times).

Order # 62, (2/26/04): “Disqualification from Public Office”
(D.C.-Control of Iraqi’s Inner Circles)

Established key Washington allies in the Iraqi Governing Council and the Iraqi Interim Government, who then allowed the Coalition Provisional Authority administer Paul Bremer to rewrite Iraq’s laws.
Enabled CPA Administer (Paul Bremer) to personally determine which Iraqis could or could not run for or hold public offices. Criteria for disqualification:
Ø “Publicly espoused political philosophies or legal doctrines contrary to the democratic order and rule of law being established in Iraq."
ü Note: At this time, the CPA and the 100 Orders legally and
militarily constituted the “democratic order and rule of law” in Iraq.
Is one of the small handful of orders that were rescinded at the hand over of authority in June 2004, after it had served its purpose.

Order # 65: “Iraqi Communications and Media Commission”
(CPA Control of the “Free”Press)

Established an Iraqi Communications and Media Commission composed of CPA-appointed members.
Ø The commission has the sole responsibility for licensing and regulating telecommunications, broadcasting, information services, and other media in Iraq.
Ø Establish a regulatory regime that provides for "the competitive provision" of these services; i.e., privatization and market-control.
Ø Claims authority to shut down news agencies, extract written apologies from newpapers, and seize publishing and broadcast equipment.

Order # 97, (6/7/04) “Political Parties and Entities Law”
(Expansion of D.C. Control of Iraqi Politics)

Following the hand over of authority, established a seven-member commission with the power to disqualify political parties and candidates with control over who could hold public office.

Order # 100 (June, 2004): “Transition of Laws, Regulations, Orders, and Directives Issued by the C.P.A.” (Making the 100 Orders Permanent in the New Government)

Upheld the Bremer Orders during the “hand over” of authority from the Coalition Provisional Authority to the newly appointed Iraqi Interim Government Prime Minister, and CIA friend, Iyad Allawi.
The Bremer Orders were again upheld, in October 2005, by passage of the new Iraq constitution , co-authored by the Bush administration, to ensure, that the constitution locked in the Bremer Orders and continued the economic transformation, military occupation, and increased access to Iraq's oil.

This is the agenda and mission, the measure of success and victory that the Bush Administration insists upon completing before leaving Iraq; under the guise of shoring up an Iraqi government that can govern, sustain and defend itself.

Given the reality of the actual Bush policy, (100 Orders) –vs- the stated Bush policy of democratizaton, the disarray, destruction, and violent insurgency and terrorism we see in Iraq today is exactly as we should expect. Bush’s policy may be accurately called neo-imperialism and is in complete continuity with what’s happening on the ground in Iraq.

If the policy of democratization was in fact the goal, the reality on the ground would not have evolved into the chaos and violence we see today in Iraq.

One reason this policy has been allowed to continue is because the American public does not know that this is U.S. policy.

To this day, many Americans believe that the U.S. invaded Iraq to:
Disarm Saddam Hussein of WMDs.
Destroy Saddam Hussein’s ties to Al Qaida.
Help Iraqis achieve freedom, democracy and self-determination.

We now know, irrefutably, that:
Saddam Hussein had no WMDs and the Administration knew it.
Saddam Hussein had no ties to Al Qaida, and the Administration knew it.
That “democracy” is a stand-in for U.S. ownership of the Iraqi economy, and everything the Administration has done as occupiers of Iraq proves it.

But Americans by and large do not know this. They’ve been outrageously deceived.
And not only are Iraqis dying in huge numbers, but U.S. troops are dying as well, and Americans’ future security is being sacrificed for the self-centered financial interests of America’s richest minorities and Iraq’s elite minority.

Perversely, this is consistent with American history. Our foreign policy and military adventures have always served a fundamentally financial interest. Furthermore, U.S. military and foreign policy has consistently subverted and denied democracy throughout the Third World by creating and propping up corrupt puppet governments who betray their own people for the purpose of serving U.S. economic and military interests in exchange for money and power.

This behavior and policy has continued decade after decade, nation after nation, because Democracy in the Third World would mean that the people of those countries would have a voice in their nations destiny and future, and this would mean competition for resources the United States want to control.

It’s the interests of the citizens of those countries versus U.S. interests and investments. This was testified to by no less a great American than Martin Luther King, in, “A Time to Break Silence,” given on April 4th, 1967, a year before he was killed.

Or take this statement made in 1948 by the U.S. State Departments Chief Policy Planner:

"We have about 50 % of the worlds wealth, but only 6.3 % of its population... Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security"

For such reasons "We should cease to talk about vague and ...unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization," and must "deal in straight power concepts", not "hampered by idealistic slogans" about "altruism and world-benefaction", if we are to maintain the "position of disparity" that separates our enormous wealth from the rest of the world. (George Kennan)

To be free, Americans must know the facts. As you well know, it is the duty of a free press to help the people discover the truth; a healthy democracy depends upon it. Please, in the name of God, help us tell the American people these facts, and then let the people decide based upon FACT not FICTION.

Read the book that brought the 100 Orders to light “The Bush Agenda: Invading the World One Economy at a Time” by author Antonia Juhasz who debuted these facts on Democracy Now radio and television program,

If together we fail in this effort to inform our people, we will all fail together, as a people.

May God be with you

Fred Veilleux,
3624 13th Ave So
Mpls. Mn. 55407
612 729-0850/612 245-9303