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Why is it up to 3.5 million and Still Going?

The simple answer is - Arrogance and Total disregard for the public's wishes.

During the Kellogg administration the taxpayers of Woodstock voted to bond $1.3 million for the construction of a new highway facility at the former recycling site adjacent to the closed landfill. The site is located on the West Saugerties Rd. The site was selected by a Town appointed committee that surveyed potential locations around Woodstock.

A lawsuit was filed by Wilber's supporters Sam Mercer and David Boyle (they are proponents of sitting the Town Highway garage on the Comeau property in the center of town) and another individual to prevent the highway garage being sited at the recycling center.

The lawsuit held up the project for several years until it was dismissed. During that period Wilber won election as Supervisor. He with fellow board members Mike Stock, Brain Shapiro and Steve Knight consistently refused to site the Town Highway Facility at the old recycling center. Wilber went so far as to misrepresent the findings of the DEC. At one point he declared that nothing would be built on the site. Not even a salt shed.

Stock, Shapiro and Knight supported Wilber's attempt to site the facility at the Kingston reservoir property west of the water treatment plant. After fierce opposition from adjacent homeowners, and in spite of thousands of dollars spent on site plans, the project was quietly dropped without comment.

Wilber's next move was to propose a $100,000 bond issue to do a feasibility study to site the Town highway facility on the Comeau property.

Interestingly enough the site footprint was to be smaller (1.5ac) than the Bearsville site (1.8ac.) The previous Highway Superintendent had always claimed that he needed as least a 5 ac. site.

There were several other proposals floated to make the project more palatable to the public. One was to buy out the neighbor whose backyard (literally) the project was in. Another proposal was to swap acreage with a contiguous neighbor.

Again, after spending thousands of dollars on site plans the voters rejected the proposal and the bond issue was overwhelmingly defeated.

After painting himself into a corner by refusing to consider the recycling center site we have come full circle. Wilber then proposes upgrading the Bearsville site. The first proposal considered buying out a neighbor and expanding the personnel facilities. Somehow that proposal got dropped from the subsequent plans.

After much machinations and expense in getting the flood plain map redrawn and glossing over other environmental problems, the buildings have been demolished and construction started on the site plan.

However, all has come to a halt. A new lawsuit had been filed against the Town and work has been halted by the Judge hearing the case.

Who is leading the charge? (in terms of rhetoric) None other than David Boyle - a plaintiff in the first suit that held it up for several years.

Woodstock Times Story

In the latest development, the Judge in the case has ruled in favor of the Town. The project can now proceed. However, Wilber is sure when that will be.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor always play an important part in an election campaign.

This is especially true on the local level. Many people write to endorse their candidates others, the political operatives, write to spread disinformation and to distort the facts. These letters are important to candidates because they give the impression of a widespread support and certain legitimacy to the letters that contain distorted and misinformation (you only get one side of the story.)

If one looks at this week's Feedback in the Woodstock Times they would see several letters from the political operative's category. These letters are usually written by less than a dozen people who write these letters week after week, either alternating or in tandem, depending on the circumstances. They use the same techniques that the Swift-Boaters used against Kerry in the last presidential election. Their negative content is usually about the candidate that they are opposing. There are really are offering no new facts or information. Just fog. These are the very same people who are always complaining about the lack of civility in their opponent's camp.

Just go to the Woodstock Times and then search on the name. You will get list of the weeks they sent letters. You can then select the link to read the letters.





Old Highway Site
To be Upgraded if the
Lawsuits ever Stop

Town Board Incompetence?

The new Stream Protection law initiated by Brian Shapiro has been thrown out of court.

In a action brought against the Town by the Wittenberg Sportsman Club, the Town was required to present to the court various documentation concerning the law.

They Town Board failed to present the documents in a timely manner. The Judge in the case then declared the law null and void.

This is not the first time that the Town Board has dragged its feet on important environmental issues.

We understand that there will be not immediate action on the Wellhead Protection Overlay District.

The purpose of this document is to protect the current and future potable water supplies from environmental hazards by restricting the type of activities that should take place within the district..

The Town Board sent to the Planning Board the draft zoning amendments in August of 2003 with recommendations from the Planning Board to for their inclusion in the zoning amendment package.

We are still waiting for its inclusion in the Zoning Law.