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Current/Proposed Bearsville Corridor Changes

The proposed changes cut deep into the residential Bearsville Flats neigborhood.

These changes will have a profound effect on the character of neighborhood

and the quality of life issues for the residents of the area.

P = permitted use SP = special permit

Residential Uses
Detached single-family dwelling P
Semidetached single-family dwelling P
Two-family dwelling P
Multifamily dwelling (apartment) SP
Boarding and rooming house SP

General Uses
Conservation uses, including public parks and public recreation areas SP
Agriculture, including the keeping of fowl or animals P
Roadside stand P
Private nonprofit academic, parochial, or technical school SP
Nonprofit club or nonprofit recreation Use SP
Town of Woodstock recreational structure or building SP
Cultural facility (library, museum, etc.) SP
Art gallery P
Artist studio P
Church or other place of worship P
Cemetery or human crematory SP
Municipal police, fire and rescue squad station and structure P

Structure/Land Use
Privately owned rescue squad P
Town of Woodstock Justice Court P
Town of Woodstock municipal uses not otherwise mentioned herein P

Accessory Uses
Class A home occupation, occurring in wholly within the principal dwelling
(bed-and-breakfast home: see § 260-56) P
Class B home occupation, occurring outside or within customary accessory
structure or elsewhere on the residential premises SP
Accessory use or structure incidental to the permitted or special permit use and
located on the same lot, not otherwise specified herein P
Accessory apartment within single family dwelling or detached accessory
structure P
Guest cottage on residential premises P
Stables for livestock for noncommercial purposes (see § 260-41) P
Electric fence P

Business Uses
Newspaper office P
Printing facility P
General or professional office P
Town of Woodstock municipal office (*Comeau property excepted in R5) P
Veterinarian's office, animal hospital SP
Kennel SP
Medical or dental clinic P
Health services facility or clinic P
Health club or other profit-making recreational club P
School conducted for profit SP
Funeral home P
Bed-and-breakfast establishment (see§ 260-56) P
Hotel or motel development SP
Restaurant serving alcoholic beverages X/P
Restaurant without liquor license P
Motion-picture theater, theater for dramatic productions, or concert hall SP
Video arcade SP
Audio and video studio P
Self-service laundry P
Gasoline station or automobile service Station SP
Automobile repair facility SP
Town of Woodstock municipal parking lot for more than 10 vehicles SP
Town of Woodstock municipal parking lot limited to 10 vehicles or fewer P
Retail business or service not otherwise specifically mentioned herein P
Residential communications receiving and transmitting antenna P
Town of Woodstock communications receiving and transmitting antenna and
supporting structure SP
Personal wireless service facility SP
Repeater SP
Public utility station or structure SP
Public utility or transportation use, including garage and maintenance
facility SP
Town of Woodstock municipal garage or maintenance facility P
Wholesale business or sales incidental to retail business P